Sunday, January 26, 2020

Sudan - in general

by Ibraheem

I have been looking into Sudan for awhile now. I had thought of going there for hijrah but I was brought to Kuwait at this time. I am still thinking about Sudan as I am told it is fairly easy to attend a good university there and I am looking to extend my education.

I have a Sudanese friend who works for UNICEF and lives in east Sudan currently. I also have some Sudanese students. Sudanese people are by far some of the friendliest I have ever met, and I have met many different peoples from all corners of the world. Sudan is an Islamic country, but if thinking of going there, you must prepare yourself if you are more a follower of the Sunnah as it seems great numbers of the population follow more of a sufi type path. I have not visited there yet, but this is what I am finding in my research. For example, the Prophet peace be upon him, his birthday is a big big celebration there where many people sit together and do dhikr and I have seen on youtube, dancing and drum beating etc. I see it as a great place to do dawah of the Sunnah.

I am currently doing more research about getting jobs and housing there and will update as soon as I learn more in shaa Allah. From what I can tell, the country is at peace now, there are still many problems in South Sudan and it is not surprising. The west does not like the government of Sudan at all and in shaa Allah will not make any more major problems in the country.


I have been able to maintain hijrah and am now in Sudan Allhamdullilah. For westerners, you must have someone make a visa for you, like a sponsor. It isn't really too difficult, it is basically a service that some people can provide. Costs around 500usd for my families visas to be made here. But we received a discount and it was done for us on very short notice. Many foreigners are here to study Arabic and Islamic studies in the International University of Africa. Few westerners though. The westerners are mostly studying at the Kulliya Jebra. I will post more after getting settled into housing etc. in shaa Allah.

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