Sunday, January 26, 2020

Kuwait work visa

by Ibraheem

Ok, it can be tricky, but I pretty much know the ins and outs of it now, and actually, compared to some countries it is probably not to bad.

This is the process for an American. I know a little bit about other countries as well, and it is basically the same process.

Ideally you find a job before hand. The job sends you a work contract and temporary work visa which is good for two months on arrival, basically giving you time to finish up things here after you arrive. Before you come here you MUST do these things.

1. Get a FBI background check. The U.S. embassies around the world are basically a joke in my experience. They do little compared to other countries embassies. So anyways, you must get a full FBI background check by sending them your fingerprints.

2.You must contact the Kuwait embassy in Washington D.C. or perhaps the consulate in Los Angeles could also answer questions, and find out where you must go that they recognize and approve to get a basic medical check.

3. Send both of those when they are completed to the Kuwait embassy in Washington D.C. They will sign them and stamp them with official looking Kuwait government stamps. You also send them your work contract and temporary visa.

4. Once you have them returned to you, you may proceed to Kuwait.

5. You arrive on the temporary visa and may begin working for whoever is hiring you. You have two months time to get things finished up to get your civil I.D. card/Iqama visa. That includes going for more fingerprints here, and another medical check. Your school or company that hired you does some of the running around for you getting some paperwork done. They all employ someone that is called the "Mandoob" who does this stuff.

So this is the basic process for someone who can arrange a job beforehand. I will make another post dealing with people who just show up here and or don't have the full university requirements.

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