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Malaysia - International islamic schools

This list is a small selection of some of the schools that I know of. There may be many others, as well as local curriculum private schools that are options. Local public schools may be difficult to foreigners and mixed couples (citizen married to foreigner) to get their kids into as they have lowest priority.

1) -

2) Seven Skies ( Located in Kota Damansara. This school is relatively new, and is just starting its second year. It has a strong focus on arabic language and Quran. It is a project of Mercy Mission, and they aim to build franchise schools in many other countries following the same model. UK + Islamic curriculum. (I have sent kids here, so PM for more detail)

3) IISKD ( Located in Kota Damansara. Related to At Tamimi.

4) Idrissi ( Located in Shah Alam. Idrissi is another new school, just starting its second year. At the moment it only handles primary grades, but they are looking at opening a secondary school. They are partnered with Genius Aulad (preschool franchise). The school campus is very interesting. The school is built around Eco concepts and these are integrated into the lessons. Curriculum is a mix of countries. Mandarin is taught as an additional language in the school.

5) Greenview Islamic School (

6) Baseerah. This school has two branches. The older one is in Gombak. The newer branch is in Shah Alam (1 year old). When we were looking for a new school around a year ago, we had read that this school was pretty well liked. Since Gombak was too far, we visited the newer Shah Alam branch, which had been operating for roughly 6 months. The school was very bare and looked extremely uninviting and boring at that time (empty library, empty science lab, almost nothing on the walls, etc). The place was hard to find due to lack of signage and the building being shared with another school. The only person around at that time was the receptionist, who wasn't able to help much. The student make up at this school is mostly expat. Hopefully now that they have had more time, this branch has improved (Baseerah Shah Alam)

7) International modern standard arabic school. Located in Putrajaya. Arabic/english medium. Secondary school admissions are based on Yemeni certificates.

8) International Islamic School Malaysia. Located in Gombak.

9) Brainy Bunch International Islamic Montessori School. This school is a chain that has a chain of preschool's as well as primary school. I believe they have recently extended into secondary school. A few years ago, they were showing plans for building a small city near Cyberjaya: Raudha City, which would incorporate their school, housing, Islamic environment, medical center, etc. I don't know the current progress of that, but I thought they were aiming for 2017. At that time that I saw this advertisement, they didn't have secondary school yet. But according to their website, it looks like they have progressed to establish one.

Spectrum Islamic School

Location: Lorong Tun Ismail, Near PWTC. See Google Map

Spectrum School seeks to foster and sustain the development of balanced and positive Muslim children through the profound combination of Islamic, academic, cultural, psychological, social, health, and physical qualifications.

• Islam is an integrated part of every single Muslim’s life practice.
• The profound combination of several world-class qualifications is required to develop the balanced and positive Muslim.
• We leave no stone unturned, and do our best, so as to earn Allah's reward for the goodness and perfection.
• As all students can learn, there is no one-fits-all learning style for all children.
• Individual differences are taken for granted, however, the role of effective education is to bring the most and best out of every student.
• Parents, teachers, trainers, administrators and school community members are partners; the school community is an integrated environment for timely collaboration.
• Our school mission and vision are clearly demonstrated in the design and development of each program and initiative

This place seems interesting as a boarding, gender segregation and tahfeez school, The Sunnah School. It looks like they start around ages 10-12 and for several years focus on tahfeez and islamic studies. Academics come in at the later years for iGCSE study.

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