Sunday, January 26, 2020

Singapore - activities

One thing that has to be said about Singapore is that it is well designed and has plenty of recreational activities. Parks and other facilities are spread out throughout the island, so that there is always something nearby any area that you are staying in. Among the few things that I noticed while living there for a year was:

1) Libraries. The Singapore library system is very good, integrated, and has lots of branches all over the island.

2) Parks. There are small playgrounds readily accessible to all of the high density housing areas. The place that we stayed at had at least 4 to choose from within a few minutes walk. They are well maintained and have good equipment. Larger parks have more facilities, and can be easily accessed by bus. Parks are spread out throughout the island. Details of each are on their website: Parks are connected for biking, jogging, etc:

3) Community centers. There are various centers from very small to large, throughout the island. They run activities and courses for all ages.

4) Science center: This is a bit far away on one side of the island. It has a yearly family membership program though, so you can enjoy many trips out there. There is a lot to do, and things are always changing. They also have an imax theatre.

Other than that, there are a lot of museums and other activities that can be found. Getting a good travel guide will help you plan your free time.

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