Sunday, January 26, 2020

Malaysia - tertiary education

Some of the Islamic schools:

1) International Islamic University Malaysia.
2) Al Madinah International University

Schools in general with rankings: University and college rankings for Malaysian institutions

Comment on Madinah by Ibraheem

I have been researching Al Medina University in Shah Alam and it looks very promising. I am trying to find anyone that can call them and ask a few questions for me. They have a wide range of courses available, including a whole Islamic Sciences bachelors, masters, and phd course, broken down into sections. Science of Quran, Dawah, Usool, and Hadith Sciences. The courses are all in Arabic as far as I can tell (trying to clear that up), but they offer what looks like a one year Introduction to Arabic course that seems like it is to get you ready to study full time in Arabic. Something I am very interested in. The course fees look to be fairly reasonable. Not cheap, but reasonable. I believe the University was started as an all on line distance learning type of school, with "learning centers" in Malaysia, Indonesia, Kuwait, and a few other places. They now have full on campus in classroom courses available, including the ones I mentioned above, all to be held in their Shah Alam location. It appears that they are located on one floor of an office building, but are expanding and building more of a normal campus, yet to confirm that.

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