Sunday, January 26, 2020

Malaysia - overview

Malaysia is a south east asian country located slightly above the equator. It is split into two parts, the peninsula (between Thailand and Singapore), and it has 2 of its states as part of the island of Borneo (shared with Indonesia and Brunei). Despite being a roughly 2.5 hour flight between the two, they share the same time zone. Malaysia has been an independent country since 1957, when it gained independence from the British. So many of the government systems are based on that system, although there is a strong Islamic influence in the constitution and government institutions. There are 13 states, and most of these have its own sultan. Countrywide, the sultan's take turns being a king of the country. This role has lost a lot of its power over the last few decades, however they are still considered heads of states and in charge of Islamic affairs for their states. Ethnically, it is roughly 60% Malay or indigenous (mostly muslim), 22% chinese (mix eastern religions and christianity), 7% indian (mostly hindu). The primary language is Bahasa Melayu. English is still widely used and taught in schools. Various dialects of chinese and tamil are also common.

For climate, it is tropical and very consistent throughout the year. Average temperature in the upper 80's to lower 90's (F) during the day time, with high humidity. Different parts of the country have different rainy seasons. Usually its between Oct - Mar.

For development, Malaysia is fairly modern in most aspects and has good infrastructure. The design of areas doesn't seem very well planned out however.

One advantage of Malaysia is the prayer times are quite consistent throughout the year. Typically they are between these times for west Malaysia:

Fajr 5:42 - 5:55
Sunrise around 7am
zuhr 1:08 - 1:25
asr 4:14 - 4:46
magrib 7:08 - 732

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