Sunday, January 26, 2020

Malaysia - halal food

Malaysia has been on the forefront of halal food certification in many ways. The government has an extensive certification and testing program to control the use of the Malaysia halal logo. Most restaurants around the country are either run by muslims, or certified halal. provides details on the certification and provides a Halal status lookup tool to help determine a company or product status.

Non-muslim restaurants may have difficulty in obtaining certification, and will post signs of they don't serve pork. Places that want to serve pork will often label that they are not-halal so that there is no confusion.

Large grocery will often have a separate section for pork products, wine and liquor. The main part of the store may have beer and some products that have non-halal ingredients. Products that are imported may have a halal logo from their own country or region which may or may not be trustworthy.

There is only one official Malaysia Halal logo, and some fake variants have been produced. So to be on the safe side, it is best to find what is the correct one to ensure someone isn't trying to fake the certification.

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